Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Winter is about to set in here. It was 31* this morning, the coldest is had been at our house this year.  We even had snow flurries.  I am not ready for snow yet. It is almost the end of October.

My husband cut up some wood that was left by the previous renters. I split is all and my boys stacked in all on the porch. What great helpers they are. We will still need to get more wood to last the rest of the winter.

We are also hunters, so it is important to make time to go hunting, as this is our main source of meat. We are planning to can a bunch of wild game this year since we don't have enough freezer room.

We cube the meat into bite size pieces and I pressure can it. I use it for enchaladas, bar-b-que sandwiches, and I mix it with mayo like tuna fish sandwiches for hubbys lunch.

What are you doing to prepare for the winter months ahead??

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