Saturday, January 28, 2012



Well, I think I did pretty well on getting most of my goals crossed off.

· Pilates (I usually do this first thing in the morning if the kids are not up yet)  I didn’t get up as early as I usually do, but I got this done first thing.

 · Load of laundry (I have been really good about getting a load of laundry done every day)  I got two loads done, yay.

 · Make beds (more or less my bed while the kids make theirs)  done

 · School (the past week has been great with the boys getting their school work done fairly quickly) this went well today

 · Run on treadmill (not an everyday thing)  I ran 3.70 miles

 · Muffins I got a double batch of cranberry orange muffins

 · Granola - I didn’t get the granola made

· Dinner (have something pulled out in the morning to thaw and be ready before dinner) Dinner on time.

· Plow the driveway – We didn’t get as much snow as I thought, so I didn’t need to plow.

 · Read Ephesians 1:22-23 (study with Good Morning Girls)

 · Read in Romans (with couples study)

 · Have the boys take out wood shavings to burn pile (my dh has been working on a wood project) They got about half taken out.

 · Drink at least 8 glasses of water     I ended up drinking around 10 glasses.

 How are your goals going?


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